Vue32 Indoor Amenities Perfect For a Cold Day

October 24th, 2018

The weather is getting colder and making it less inviting to be outside. Don’t let it get you down! Make the most of your day inside at Vue32. There’s still plenty to do with these Vue32 indoor amenities.


Fitness Center

Running outdoors in the cold isn’t for everyone. You can still get your workout in at the 24/7 fitness center. Run, walk, bike, lift, you name it. The weather changes but your workout doesn’t have to. With views of the city from the fitness center, it’ll feel like you’re outdoors.


Game Room

Entertainment is always just steps away at Vue32. This space is perfect for lounging around, watching TV, playing games and beating your friends at a game of pool. Maybe you just need a good spot to read or write. There’s endless opportunities of fun and creativity here.


Club Lounge

Take in the city views while lounging in comfort and style. The Club Lounge is the place to be for socializing and entertaining. The open kitchen offers space to cook and mix up some drinks. While the lounge space is open and comfortable for mingling. The floor to ceiling windows give you the best view in Vue32.


Genius Bar

Study, work, online shop, whatever you need this is the space to connect. Grab your laptop or tablet and get a change of scenery. This is perfect for both work and play.


Two-Story Lobby

Pull up a comfy chair and just relax in the Vue32 lobby. Converse with neighbors as they walk by or make it a meeting spot to chat. Maybe you just get lost in a book. Make this space fit your needs for entertainment and relaxation.


Don’t feel stuck inside from the weather, instead embrace the Vue32 indoor amenities. You’ll find comfort, convenience and entertainment just around the corner from your apartment.


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