DIY Your Vue32 Fall Decor With These Fun Projects

October 12th, 2018

Getting in the fall spirit doesn’t have to be expensive. Turn your Vue32 fall decor into fun DIY projects instead. You’re home will be ready for the season in no time with these simple crafts. You might even have some of the supplies lying around.


Wine Cork Pumpkin

Been collecting your wine corks? This is the perfect project for you. These adorable wine cork pumpkins make an elegant addition to any table or shelf. All you need is 25 wine corks, orange paint, hot glue, green felt and twine. Find the full list of instructions at My Gourmet Connection.


Cinnamon Stick Candles

Turn a candle into a fall decoration or centerpiece with this quick and easy cinnamon stick project. All you need is a candle, cinnamon sticks, rubber bands and twine. Line the candle with cinnamon sticks and bound with a rubber band. Use the twine, or other decorative material, to hide the rubber band and make it aesthetically pleasing. Do this to multiple candles to create a centerpiece. See the finished product at Home Stories.


Coffee Filter Candy Corn

Use these household items to create a cute fall door hanger. All you need is coffee filters, food coloring, cardboard, hot glue and ribbon. Mix food coloring with water –10 drops of yellow in one and 3-4 drops of red for orange in another. Then let the coffee filters soak up the water. After letting the filters dry out, begin gluing them to a candy corn cardboard cutout. Use your ribbon to hang your finished art piece outside your VUE32 door. Head to Typically Simple for more detailed instructions.


Get your craft on with these fun seasonal projects. You’ll enjoy coming home to your Vue32 fall decor knowing you made them yourself. Be sure to share a picture of your finished projects and tag Vue32 on social media!


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