Tips to Being Productive When You Work From Home at Vue32

August 23rd, 2018

Working from home comes with a set of challenges. Vue32 understands that not everyone works the same. That’s why there are plenty of spaces to work from home. Next time you work from home at Vue32 try these tips to enhance productivity.


Find the Perfect Workspace

Depending on your job, lifestyle and personality, the perfect workspace can vary from person to person. It’s important to separate your work and home atmosphere. We encourage you to explore our work from home spaces. Vue32 offers a conference room that gives you a distraction free zone. For those looking for comfort, the game room offers couches, chairs and booths with a skyline view. Or stay connected at the genius bar. This open space lets you plug in next to your neighbors also working. When you find the right workspace, you can enhance your productivity.


Take Breaks

Know when it’s time to take a break. Staring at the computer or daydreaming can hinder productivity. Instead take short mental breaks. Grab some fresh air on the rooftop or outdoor plaza. Make a snack in your stylish kitchen. Get a workout in at the fitness center to refresh your mind and enhance your energy. Short breaks can help you restart your productivity.



When you work on your own, getting stuck can be a major road block. Get your creative juices flowing by shooting some pool in the game room. It can help you focus and gain a clearer mind. Or plan a group brainstorm in the conference room. Toss around ideas in a quiet, modern and private space. When you have ideas and solutions, you can get back on track with your productivity.


Find what works for you when you work from home at Vue32. We hope you put these productivity tips to use and enjoy working at Vue32.


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