Decorate Your Vue32 Apartment With These Spring Flowers

March 23rd, 2018

Looking for a simple but effective way to spice up your interior design game this spring? Brighten up your living space at Vue32 when you decorate with spring flowers. Flowers can not only lift your mood, but also are a fun and creative way to change up your apartment home. Decorate your apartment home at Vue32 with these spring flowers.


Shrimp Plant

The Shrimp Plant is awesome for several reasons. It’s a flowering houseplant so you won’t need to worry about replacing a vase with fresh flowers every few weeks. The best part is that shrimp plants can produce flowers year round when properly cared for. Its blossoms are a beautiful orange-red color.



Tulips are an essential spring flower that are often used outdoors. Consider buying a bouquet and placing it in a vase to display indoors at your Vue32 apartment home. Choose a bright yellow for a pop of color or go with a multicolored bouquet for something extra unique. They are the quintessential way to decorate with spring flowers. 



Orchids are another flowering houseplant that make an elegant statement in any home. They grow best at night with temperatures between 50 and 65 degrees and, during the day, when the temperatures reach between 65 and 75. You’ll love the delicate-looking nature of this flower in your living room at Vue32.


African Violet

The African violet is a beautiful flowering indoor plant that is often praised for being easy to grow. The flowers bloom year round with minimal care, which is great for those lacking a green thumb. Choose a purple, white or pink variety.


How will you decorate your Vue32 apartment home this month? We hope these spring flowers inspire you to switch up your decor theme this season.


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