4 Apartment Art Trends to Buy For Your Home at Vue32

February 16th, 2018

Your apartment truly becomes a home when you decorate it to fit your unique style and interests. Make your Vue32 home even cozier by buying one of these four apartment art trends for your space.


Pet Portraits

There’s nothing quite as special as art that imitates life, especially when that life is your own. Purchase a custom pet portrait painting to truly encapsulate your love for your fur baby. You can commission artists like this one to do this for you. Consider hanging it in your living room or office.


Wooden Mixed Media

Mixed media pieces possess a level of character that’s difficult to find in other art genres. Choose a wooden mixed media piece to create a rustic atmosphere in your living space at Vue32. This one from Etsy is beautiful in both texture and color.


Modern Sculptures

A modern sculpture will instantly make your Vue32 apartment home look even more luxurious. When picking a sculpture, be sure to take desired size and material into consideration. It’s also important to carefully plan where you’d like to place your sculpture. This modern work from Etsy was inspired by Scandinavian designs of the 60s and will look perfect on a corner table in your Vue32 living room.


Nature Prints

Nature prints are beautiful yet simple art pieces to add to your home. They serve to remind us of the great outdoors and can be a very refreshing sight to admire at the end of the work day. Purchase an ocean print like this one from Etsy to create a calming atmosphere in your bedroom.


How will you decorate your home at Vue32? We hope these apartment art trends will help inspire you. Happy art shopping!


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