Thanksgiving recipes to make in your Vue32 kitchen

November 17th, 2017

Cook up something delicious this Thanksgiving by giving one of these recipes a go in your Vue32 kitchen. Happy cooking and more importantly, happy eating!


Easy Slow-Cooker Turkey Tetrazzini 

What’s better than a Thanksgiving turkey? Thanksgiving turkey and well-seasoned pasta. Keep this recipe from Betty Crocker in mind for those days following Thanksgiving when you’re attempting to get rid of all that leftover turkey.


Perfect Roast Turkey 

Go classic with the Food Network’s Perfect Roast Turkey recipe. Lemon, thyme, onion and garlic seasoning set this one apart from the rest. Fair warning: you’ll want to cook this one up all year round.


Truly Delicious Brussels Sprouts

If you’re not a fan of vegetables, you need to try Chef John’s Brussels Sprouts. These well-seasoned babies will give you a healthy dose of something green while also satisfying your tastebuds.


Pumpkin Tiramisu Cheesecake Bars

Pumpkin pie meets tiramisu in the form of these delicious cheesecake bars. Save room for these chocolate ganache-topped little lovelies from Betty Crocker.


Which recipes will you cook up this Thanksgivingy? Let us know!


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