Add “Hygge” to Your Apartment at Vue32 This Fall

September 15th, 2017

With the weather cooling down, we’re gravitating towards all things cozy. “Hygge” is a Danish and Norwegian word for coziness, contentment and well-being. The concept has been gaining popularity in interior design throughout the world in recent years. Here’s how you can add a bit of hygge to your apartment at Vue32 this fall.



Before you can incorporate elements of hygge to your space, you should begin by decluttering. Danish design centers on simplicity so minimalism is key when trying to imitate the Scandinavian look. Once you’ve decluttered, you can select a simple color scheme for your space. Typically, Scandinavian homes rely on neutral colors like blacks, whites, grays or browns as the principal colors. Then you can add little pops of color throughout the space.


Add candles

Candles instantly add a feeling of warmth and coziness to any space. They invoke a soft glow that makes one want to cozy up in bed with soft blankets and a quality book.


Recycled furniture

In Danish culture, there is a high value on recycling and no waste efforts. When trying to implement hygge into your space, you should consider this. Typically in American culture, we tend to choose new over old when it comes to furniture and decor. But older, vintage furniture can invoke feelings of coziness, warmth and nostalgia. So, consider upcycling furniture in the future.


Texture, texture, texture

Fill your space with velvety blankets, fluffy rugs and textured pillows to add some hygge to your space. Incorporating elements of texture to your space will contrast the simplicity in color scheme and design. Play off the laminate hardwood flooring in your Vue32 apartment to accentuate this idea. Wooden furniture and flooring paired with soft, textured accents help to create this hygge effect perfectly.


How will you incorporate hygge into your apartment at Vue32? Tell us how you plan to make your home cozy this fall.