How to Make the Most of Apartment Living

July 21st, 2017

Whether it’s your first time or tenth time living in an apartment, you can always learn new ways to enhance your space. Use these tips and tricks to make the most of your apartment dwelling experience at Vue32.


Make Your Space Look Larger

While Vue32’s apartments are quite spacious, apartments are not houses so it’s important to keep the space you do have neat, clutter free and beautiful. Ultimately, it’s about using your space wisely. You can make a smaller room look larger with a few adjustments. Use light colored fabrics to create an airy feeling about the room.


Add mirrors to develop an optical illusion of a larger room. The mirror will reflect light and create a focal point in the room. Always go for bigger pieces of furniture but use less of it as opposed to placing lots of small furniture in a small space. That creates a feeling of clutter. Channel your inner minimalist and keep your space free of mess and clutter at all times.


Customize Your Space

Making the most of your space means making it feel like home. Whether that’s adding photographs of friends and family throughout your apartment or placing cozy blankets in the living room, it’s essential to establish a safe and comforting environment within your apartment walls.


Take Advantage of Offered Amenities & Services

At Vue32, you have access to so many incredible amenities that can help make your life better in big and small ways. Make sure to take advantage of the offered amenities within the apartment complex in which you’re living. Work from home at the genius bar. Engage in community on the rooftop terrace, club lounge and game room. Enroll your child in the on-site preschool. Grab a coffee or tea on your way to work on us. Let us handle the laundry through our laundry valet service. There’s so many little ways to make life easier at Vue32.


How do you make the most of apartment living?