Food Trucks in University City Walking Distance to Vue32

May 12th, 2017

Must Try Food Trucks in University City

It’s no secret there there is an abundance of yummy food trucks in University City. Walk down the streets at lunchtime and you won’t know which one to pick. Let us help navigate the choices for you.


Lyn’s Breakfast & Lunch

As the name implies this food truck offers breakfast and lunch options. In the morning opt for the delicious breakfast sandwiches. Then, for lunch try the pizza chicken or eggplant spinach parmesan. Lyn is a favorite amongst the food truck customers, especially known for her impeccable memory. This food truck is a must, check it out at 36th and Spruce.


Magic Carpet

Vegetarians and Vegans rejoice, here is a truck with you in mind! This food truck has two locations, 34th and Walnut & on Spruce between 35th and 36th. Expect Middle Eastern, Greek, Indian dishes along with their own creations.


Tyson Bees

For a delicious vietnamese food truck option check out Tyson Bees on 33rd and Spruce. Thai basil chicken and Bahn Mi are a couple favorites! Look for the colorful truck!


Kim’s Oriental Food

How can you go wrong with orange chicken, sesame chicken or any other chicken? This food truck has all the yummy chinese food options you have come to know and love and then some! Check them out on Sansom between 37th& 38th.


Gigi & Big R Caribbean Soul Food Cart

Jerk chicken is a favorite at this caribbean soul food truck located at 38th and Spruce. Other favorites include fried fish and ma po tofu. So what will be it be for you?


Insomnia Cookies

We couldn’t leave off a sweet treat option! 33rd and Market. Whether it’s you dessert or meal, we won’t judge! We all need to satisfy the sweet treat when it comes a calling, and what better way than with a delicious, warm cookie! On that note, it’s time for us to grab a cookie!


If none of these food trucks hits the spot today, you can head to Drexel Lunch Truck Alley on Ludlow Street or check out Penn Food Trucks and sort by proximity or genres. Happy eating!