Spring Into a Clean Apartment at Philly’s Vue32

April 14th, 2017

5 Tips for a Clean Apartment this Spring

Spring is in the air, and so is the realization you have been neglecting your cleaning duties while you were hibernating all winter. We are all aware of the standard cleaning steps, wipe down the counters, sweep, mop or vacuum the floors, but how often do you do the deep cleaning? If you are like most people, the standard wipe down is all that you have time for. Here are some great additional steps, that will leave you with a fresh and clean apartment this spring.


Dust and Deep Clean

The Forgotten Areas Spring cleaning is a great time to get to the hard to reach and forgotten places throughout your home. First step is to dust off everything, and we mean EVERYTHING: Tops of cabinets, tv screens, plants(real and fake), ceiling fans, etc. In some cases you may need to get a wet cloth or cleaning supplies to get the set in grime.


Next, open drawers and clean out any dust from the bottom. You may need to grab the vacuum for this! If the drawer is overflowing you may need to do some organizing, which we will get to later.



You probably vacuum your floors regularly, but when was the last time you vacuumed your chairs, couches, pillows and mattresses? Have you ever? If you do this regularly, you get a gold star for your cleanliness. If not, don’t fret most people neglect these areas too. But, never fear, there is always a time to start. Grab your vacuum and start cleaning! Don’t forget to move your furniture away from the wall and off of the rugs/carpet for a deeper clean.


Do you have a pet(s), try this quick and easy tip to get pesky furn off of furniture! Grab a pair of rubber gloves, get some water on them and wipe down fur covered areas. The fur will come right off!



Whether you are a type A person who has a system for everything or someone whose idea of organizing is out of sight, out of mind, we could all use some simple tips for getting organized this spring.


Anything that is behind a door or drawer should get a makeover this spring. Throw out expired items in the kitchen and the bathroom, yes toiletries expire! If it hasn’t expired but you know you won’t use it or cook it, either throw it away or donate it.


That goes for clothes and shoes too! If you haven’t worn it in a full calendar year, you probably never will. More importantly, if you didn’t even know you owned it, get rid of it! To clear up space in your closet or dresser, create a storage system where you swap out clothes by the season. Put those cold-weather clothes away, it’s time for warm weather attire.


Speaking of clothes don’t forget to take advantage of the Vue32 laundry valet service!


Freshen Up

This is the most fun of the spring cleaning stages. It’s when you get to trade out the old for new and improved. Change your doormat to a fresh welcoming, “springy” mat. Here’s a simple trick, double up mats inside and outside to get more dirt before it enters your home!


Trade out accent pillows, throw rugs and hand towels for bright, fun colors. The sky’s the limit here, add your personal flare anywhere in your home!


Professional Cleaning Services

You can always take advantage of the great professional cleaning services around Philly. Here are just a few near Vue32 in University City that will leave you satisfied with a clean apartment.


Scrub Residential Cleaning

Check Maid

United Maids of America


What spring cleaning tips do you have?